We are committed to protecting your privacy, and keeping your information safe. We take extreme care in building our service to keep everything 100% secure and private. Below is a summary of our policies.


Whimventory will never use your Email address for anything other than Whimventory identification, password recovery, and Whimventory notifications, should they ever be required. We will never sell, distribute, or otherwise provide your email address to third parties.

Analytics & Tracking

This site employs Google Analytics to help us analyze trends on our platform and continually improve your experience.

Third-party Referrals

We add referral codes to items added from certain websites (e.g. Amazon) to earn referral credits for shopping that originates from Whimventory. This is done at absolutely no cost to you, and is how we can continue to provide our service. If you would like to discuss referral options, please contact us.